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Upholstered furniture or sofa cleaning does not only entail finding the right cleaning solution, but also preventing the weakening of the fabric’s durability over time. We understand the importance of maintaining the texture and appearance of all your furniture sets, which is why our customers trust us to deliver the same results and care each time they choose this service. 

Upholstered Sofa Set

Where We Draw the Line  

Among the  many inquiries we receive regarding our upholstery cleaning services, the most frequent question we get asked is the type of furniture we can clean. While this service focuses primarily on cleaning upholstered furniture, it is not limited to this specific type. Depending on the severity of the stain, we may be able to clean other types of furniture as well, by utilizing a variety of methods. 

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Carpet Cleaner With His Checklist For Pre-Inspection

Knowing What We Are Getting Into

As part of our company policy, the first step in this process is to conduct a pre- inspection on the contaminated area before proceeding with anything else. This audit is required because we want to ensure we thoroughly understand what fabric and furniture type we are working with. This also allows us to easily spot stains that may require extra work. 

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Pet Hairs & Stains

The most common complaint our customers want us to address is the removal of pet hair or stains on their furniture. While a vacuum cleaner may be able to solve this dilemma, sometimes it is not enough. We will not only remove any pesky stains that have stemmed from your beloved pet(s), but we apply safe, non-toxic solutions to help deodorize and re-freshen the look of your furniture. 

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Can I Overdo It? 

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your furniture a couple of times a year can be very beneficial to your home or business. We use our furniture on a daily basis and with that comes the release of dirt, grime, etc. into your residential or business space. Because of this, it’s important to opt for a cleaning service that effectively removes these contaminants.

The result?

Better health and air quality coupled with better looking furniture.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for the best upholstery service. 


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