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The carpet steam cleaner remains a common method for cleaning your home or office. This method is definitely a favorite among our clientele since this service delivers efficient results each time, while our innovative techniques ensure that the least amount of water is used throughout the process.

Great steam cleaning effects are always observed by our customers as steam kills germs and bacteria, making your carpets fresh, clean and safe. 

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Bacteria? Yes, steam is very effective at killing viruses and bacteria and can be used to sanitize your home.

Variety is Key

We continue to apply a variety of methods in order to achieve maximum results. Our steam cleaning method  is a part of this approach, especially for those pesky areas that require additional care. Utilizing the most minimum amount of water necessary, we are committed in doing whatever it takes to ensure your carpet experiences a deep clean. 

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Rugs

Our steam cleaning services also work effectively to clean your rugs, which makes dry cleaning unnecessary and outdated. In comparison to the dry cleaning services within the Amarillo area, we provide a unique approach that is cost effective and ensures excellent customer service each time. See here, for more information on our rug cleaning services.

I Just Want to Freshen Up

Your carpet does not have to be fully stained in order for us to give you our service. Sometimes all you need is a simple carpet touch up. Our promise is to improve and maintain your carpet’s appearance, no matter how large or small the stain may be. 

Quick & Cost Effective

Our steam cleaning services are not only the fastest way to clean your carpet, but are the most cost effective. You also have the option of including any extra care additions to this service, should you need it. How much does it actually cost to have this professional service done? See here.

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