How Much Does It Cost To Steam Clean?

Out of all the professional methods of carpet cleaning in Amarillo, steam cleaning is found to be one of the best methods to ensure that a deep clean is achieved. A lot of dirt and particles build up on the surface and in the fibers of your carpet over the years.

The occasional vacuum cleaning can only do so much to be able to keep your carpet clean, the professionals at Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners recommend having your carpet cleaned via the hot water extraction method at least once a year.

Great steam cleaning effects are always observed by our customers as steam kills germs and bacteria, making your carpets fresh, clean and safe.  

Carpet Cleaning Using A Vacuum With Steamer

But how much does it actually cost to have this professional service done?


Hot water extraction, a method that is also known as steam cleaning, is another method of cleaning objects and surfaces that is used by carpet cleaning companies in Amarillo. Using a specialized steam cleaning unit, a trained professional from our team will pour a cleaning solution onto the surface of the carpet and let it settle.

A machine that heats up water to around 155 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit produces steam which is then applied directly onto the carpet. There will need to be sustained contact for about 3 minutes to be able to remove the dirt and bacteria that has stuck to the fibers of the carpet.

A vacuum is then used to suck out all the cleaning solution and gunk out of the carpet, not leaving any residue and smell. The carpet then needs to dry out before using it again.


The following are the reasons why steam cleaning is the number one solution to cleaning carpets in Amarillo:


Steam cleaning can be done in almost any part of your home. Living room, bedroom, garage, and even your bathroom. The versatility that it offers makes it the most convenient to use for service companies like Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners.

Does not void you carpet’s your warranty

Most carpet sellers have a set of conditions you need to follow in order for them to keep on providing service to you after the purchase date. One of these conditions is that when you seek a warranty service, it isn’t damaged beyond repair.

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Some chemicals used in other cleaning methods are harmful to the fibers of the carpet and lead to them crumbling. With steam cleaning, this doesn’t happen because of the non-use of harmful chemicals.

Healthier option to clean

Steam cleaning removes the need to use harsh chemicals to get all the dirt and bacteria from your carpet. It only needs a mild cleaning solution and hot water. This results in a safer way to clean because both the professional cleaner and yourself won’t be exposed to more harmful solutions and it also doesn’t leave behind any residue.

Better Air Quality

Steam cleaning ensures a deep clean that will really get all the dust trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Not having these particles in your home improves the air quality in it, especially for the member of your household who has allergies.


The price you’ll have to pay for steam cleaning depends on your location and the amount of space you need to have cleaned. Luckily prices in Amarillo aren’t as expensive as the prices in bigger cities.

The average price in Texas for steam cleaning carpets is computed either based on an hourly rate per professional working or per square foot of the room. That price may go up or down depending on the material your carpet is made of and if you have pets that shed a lot of hair over your carpet.

The following are the average cost of carpet cleaning per hour per person: 

  • Nylon/Polyester – $80 – $100
  • Olefin $90 – $110
  • Wool $95 – $125

The average cost per square foot Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners is around $0.25, with cleaning a whole room ranging from $20 to $80. For an average three-bedroom household, it would be around $200 – $300. Hiring someone to steam clean your entire house could cost you anything from $300 to $600.

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