Does Steam Cleaning Kill Bacteria?

Yes, steam is very effective at killing viruses and bacteria and can be used to sanitize your home. One of the oldest known ways to kill bacteria and microbial pathogens is the use of heat and it remains one of the most effective ways to kill Viruses, Bacteria, mites, germs and fleas.

Steam cleaners and steam cleaning does kill most viruses and bacteria, but there’s a catch. The steam has to be hot enough. Typically, steam will disinfect & kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, & more with at least three minutes of sustained contact at a temperature between 175 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Great steam cleaning effects are always observed by our customers as steam kills germs and bacteria, making your carpets fresh, clean and safe.  

Only a professional steam cleaner is guaranteed to get steam hot enough. You might get lucky with a rented steam cleaning machine, but most of them just don’t have the power to get hot enough in order to kill bacteria. 


As stated, the answer to this is yes. The answer is always yes if you’re hiring a professional steam cleaner to come to your house. The steam will be the hottest when your steam cleaning company has a truck mounted unit. 

If you end up trying to rent a unit, be sure to do your research and be sure that the steam gets to 175 degrees minimum, otherwise it will be wasted money and you won’t know it has not worked until you or family members becomes unwell. 

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Steam kills bacteria and viruses by breaking the cell wall of these organisms. The only way to prevent bacteria from growing inside your home is to wipe them out when they are living inside the home. The germs aren’t dead; they just aren’t growing any more. You can avoid this problem by cleaning with disinfectants or sanitizers, which also destroy the cell wall, but they don’t sanitize.

​Proper steam cleaning is very effective at sanitizing and sanitizing. A newer method to sanitize homes is the use of germ-zapping devices. These machines use x-rays to destroy pathogens and fungi. These devices create hot, deadly steam to destroy the pathogens that may be hiding in your home. Don’t worry, the products will leave your floors feeling smooth and clean.

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Of course, Steam Sanitization can clean a toilet. It can also clean bathtubs, shower heads, and even floors, but how long will it last? Usually, steam sanitizes for at least 30 minutes or longer. At high temperatures, cleaning too long or too often will destroy your products and may create unpleasant by products. Steam cleaning can make any house look brand new, and what’s even better, it’s an absolute breeze when you Have Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners come to your home. 


As water boils at a given temperature, steam releases chemicals that kill pathogens within seconds or minutes of the steam contacting bacteria, viruses, mites, germs and fleas. The steam itself is quite effective as well, especially at killing germs & bacteria, but it’s the water heating up at the same time that kills pathogens. This is because the steam contains heat-sensitive chemicals that begin to turn on within seconds after contact with bacteria, viruses, mites, germs and fleas.

​Use ‘Steam To Dump Dirt & Odors’. It’s easy to fill a hutch, kitchen, basement, closet, garbage can or other container with liquid food, detergent, disinfectants and other cleaning supplies, only to run out before you can complete the task. Instead, fill the container with water and then hit the button.

​Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to sanitize your home and is a good method for killing bacteria and microbes.

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