Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching

Instead of completely replacing your carpet due to rips or holes, opt for getting it repaired instead. This will not only lead to cost-savings, but will help you avoid the trouble of re-installing your entire flooring plan all together. Our repair solutions utilize traditional methods inclusive of patchwork and carpet stretching.

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What Are My Options

Not all carpet issues are alike so we encourage you to explore all options.  If you think the carpet could be put back in shape, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will carry out our typical pre-inspection protocol and from there determine whether or not can you utilize this service. 

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Can You Repair All Carpets?

Although we have effectively repaired a wide range of carpets, this was achieved after thorough evaluation. Ultimately, the severity of the issue and fabric type will determine whether or not we are able to repair the carpet. We are however constantly striving to improve our methods, so there is no damage we are not willing to help fix.

Office Carpet Repairs

Most office buildings are still covered with carpet, making your work flooring plan susceptible to the wear and tear from the daily activities carried out within your organization. Similar to the residential space, office carpet repairs are not difficult at all and can be carried out quickly and efficiently as opposed to complete replacement. 

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Complimentary Estimate

The core of our services is full transparency and devotion when dealing with all our client needs. We are more than happy to schedule a visit in order to give you the most accurate cost estimate possible.

Carpet Repair Guide

Check out our comprehensive step-by-step stretched carpet repair guide. We put this guide together so our customers can understand for themselves the detailed process we go through to repair your carpet and get it back to looking brand new. 

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