What Determines Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs

Annual carpet cleaning with the aid of professionals will help to maximize its lifespan. Professional carpet cleaners prevent permanent stains by extracting all forms of debris before it gets into the lower fibers of the carpet. Stained carpets pose health risks to you and your family, due to the presence of trapped dust, pollen, bacteria, and germs. There is also a high risk of air contamination when these debris and germs are released into the air through vacuuming. 

Having good carpets in your home is a valuable investment, and maintaining such investment is a great task. When you purchase a carpet in Amarillo, Texas, its manufacturers will provide a warranty covering the carpet and liabilities. This warranty may be invalidated if your carpet is not properly cleaned at regular intervals.


The carpet cleaning costs from professional carpet cleaners in Amarillo, Texas, would depend on the exact company. When hired you’ll get a quote and its total would depend on the condition of your carpets and the layout of your house. Also, regular carpet cleaning reduces the amount charged by professional rug cleaners, and the number of times your carpet gets cleaned annually. 

Consider a bedroom with dimensions 10 feet by 14 feet as the standard measurement for a cleaning process in Amarillo, Texas. If the specified room is square-shaped and carpeted with an ordinary synthetic fiber product,  most professional cleaners in Amarillo, Texas, could charge you per square foot for the cleaning. The charge per square foot could cost between $0.30 and $0.40, then the average price could $50 for a minimum of three (3) rooms.

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As mentioned earlier, in the carpet cleaning industry the cost of carpet cleaning is standardly charged per square foot. Due to this pricing structure, it would be best if you know your home’s dimensions in square foot, before estimating the cost of carpet cleaning. Using the square foot charge of $0.35 as an example, a professional carpet cleaning service for a 1,000 square-foot house in Amarillo, Texas, would cost about $350. 

There are several factors that affect the cost of professional carpet cleaning. Most cleaning companies in Amarillo, Texas, could charge extra for cleaning poorly accessible areas. Some cleaners even have to use smaller, and more specialised tools to thoroughly clean these areas, increasing their labor time and your bill.

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For pet owners, some carpet cleaning companies could charge extra for eliminating pet odors and stains from your carpets. For an effective clean, some specialized cleaning products are required, and with the large number of service providers, cleaning pet stain and odor could cost between $30 & $40 per hour surcharge. You could also decide to get a personalized quote for a particular stain on your carpet.

You could decide to go the extra mile, and have your carpets covered with carpet protection fabrics, but that will cost more. However, cleaning companies charge between $5 and $10 per room for this service.

1. Furnished Vs. Unfurnished Rooms

The cost of carpet cleaning a furnished room is quite less, compared to cleaning an empty room. The reason for the difference in costs is due to the total rug space to be cleaned is reduced. In an empty room, on the other hand, carpet cleaners have to do wall-to-wall cleaning.

The average cost of steam-cleaning a carpet in a furnished room could cost between $35 and $50, while that of an unfurnished, but similar room costs between $50 and $75. Using the dry-cleaning technique to clean your carpet also has the same price variation, and should cost between $50 and $55 for the two types of rooms.

2. Labor

In carpet cleaning, labor can consume the largest part of your cleaning project. In summary, the total concluded cost of the project would depend on the labor required. For heavily soiled carpets, complex floor plans, and furnishings, the cleaning process could take more time and labor force.


Most carpets today are made from synthetic fibers. Although there are still some others made from wool, and a blend of wool/synthetic fibers, e.g. the “Berber-style” carpet, which usually features a mix of synthetic fibers and wool. Even if most carpet cleaning companies don’t change their basic rates for your carpets fiber content, there are different cleaning techniques for each material. These techniques could affect the total prices, among other factors. 

The basic techniques used in cleaning Synthetic-fiber carpets are the Hot water cleaning and Steam extraction methods. For wool-blend carpets, a professional carpet cleaner could use the dry-cleaning method. The entire cost for the respective carpet cleaning costs within $50 and $55 per room.


As mentioned earlier, there are two primary methods used by professional carpet cleaners. These methods are the Hot water/Steam cleaning method and the dry cleaning method.

1. Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning

For hot water or steam cleaning, professional carpet cleaners will apply cleaning agents mixed with hot water or steam to the carpet. To work the water or steam into the carpet’s fibers, a pressurized cleaning machine is used, this machine also vibrates its brushes to dismantle all clusters of dirt and debris in the carpet. The next process involves the use of a second machine to eliminate the water, cleaning agents, and dirt. Upon completion of the cleaning process, the carpet is left by the cleaner to air dry. 

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2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

To begin the dry carpet cleaning process, a dry, powdered cleaning agent is applied to the carpet. Then a rotating brush is used to loosen the fibers of the carpet for the cleaning agent to easily get into the material. The cleaning agent absorbs dirt and other debris, which are then extracted through a specialized suction device. Dry cleaning your carpet is less expensive, compared to hot water or steam cleaning. Also, the cleaning process is faster and your carpets dry quickly.


The difference between a professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is the manner of cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service is performed in your home, while rug cleaning is performed in a rug cleaning facility. The cost of a cleaning service is determined by the size of the rug, e.g., in Amarillo, Texas, professionally cleaning an eight by ten foot rug costs about $160. Some carpet cleaning companies could charge for cleaning your carpet through the same process, but it is important that you consult your carpet cleaners for your dirty rugs.


  • Vacuum clean your carpet at least two to three times a week. Keeping up with this cleaning frequency ensures that dirt, debris, and germs are removed from your carpets. 
  • Using welcome mats at the entrances of your home in Amarillo, Texas reduces the amount of germs that get trapped in your carpets. 
  • Apply spot removing agents on pets and other manner of stains immediately, to prevent them from settling on your carpet. You could try commercial products designed for removing pet stains, or create your own by mixing a cup of cold water with a quarter teaspoon of liquid detergent. 
  • Always test your spot removers on inconspicuous parts of your carpet to avoid altering its color. 
  • Treat stains as quickly as possible, to avoid allowing them setting-in and becoming permanent. 
  • Test your throw rugs for colorfastness before putting them on your floor. This step is to prevent its material from bleeding into your carpet when it is wet. 
  • Perform regular vacuuming in areas under your rugs. 
  • When cleaning your carpet, clean your furniture at the same period, to avoid debris from the upholstery settling into the carpet. 
  • Ensure you schedule a professional carpet cleaning exercise at least twice every year to increase its lifespan. 
  • Once the professional cleaning is completed, leave protective blocks in designated places for one or two days.

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