How Much Does it Cost to Get Your House Carpet Cleaned?

Chemical washing (encapsulation) or steam cleaning are the most common home carpet cleaning methods (hot water extraction).

Here at Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners we charge by the square foot of carpet that needs to be cleaned or by the space or place that needs to be cleaned.

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A 900-square-foot two-bedroom apartment with about 650 square feet of carpeting between the bedrooms, hallway, and dining area costs between $124 and $240. The three bedrooms, living room, and hallway of a 1,300-square-foot single-story home cost $186-$390 and have roughly 975 square feet of carpeting.


A 900-square-foot two-bedroom apartment costs $100-$208. A single-story home with 1,300 square feet will cost between $150 and $304. A two-story house of 2,200 square feet costs $180-$544 per square foot.

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  • Cleaning stairwells costs between $2 and $3 per stair steps.
  • The amount of time it takes to remove a stain depends on the paint’s form and scale, which will cost an extra.
  • The washing space is $10 per 300 square feet, or ten cents per square foot. Deodorizing costs around .05 cents per square foot, or $15 for a cleaning area of 300 square feet.
  • For moving furniture, we have our own set of laws. The majority of light furniture is discarded and replaced at no cost to our customers.

We provide furniture cleaning as well. Sofa cleaning costs range from $60 to $196, while loveseat cleaning costs $40 to $140. In-home area rug cleaning costs are measured per square foot and vary based on the rug type. Synthetics cost 75 cents per square foot, or $126 for a 12×14 foot rug, while wool costs $1.50 to $1.50 per square foot, or $168 to $252 for a 12×14 foot rug.

Is there a premium for carpet washing that isn’t readily apparent?

For carpet washing, the nationwide average in 2018 is $175. (single room and whole-house projects). For typical houses here in Amarillo, expect to spend between $120 and $235; more extensive whole-house renovations will cost anything between $350 to $550 or more.

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What information should be included?

The Carpet and Rug Institute claims that the majority of today’s wall-to-wall carpeting is synthetic and can be safely cleaned using chemical or steam methods. The manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed when cleaning wool or specialist rugs.
Chemical cleaning involves using a solvent (sometimes combined with carbonated water) or granulated cleaning fluid that encapsulates soil and removes it. The trace becomes stuck in crystals when it dries, and these are vacuumed away. The carpet would be dry to move on either instantly or after two hours, depending on the chemical solution.

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Water is drawn onto the carpet fibers, loosening soil before being sucked back out with steam washing. Based on atmospheric conditions, the floor will be damp for 6 to 24 hours. Most steam firms use truck-mounted systems, which means that the machine remains in the van, and only the hose reaches the building.

Pre-spotting and deodorizing are needed when stains, odors, or pet urine are discovered in the carpet.

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We at Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners provide a reasonable carpet cleaning pricing and will charge you competitively for additional services.

A carpet cleaner can charge extra for selective spot cleaning, and in some cases, a regular service will not be able to remove a stain, necessitating additional work. While an original lease could protect this, homeowners should be aware of just what they’re paying for and any additional expenses.  Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners still have other facilities such as color correction and dyeing and dry and steam cleaning.

We can correct carpet discolored by a stain or return parts of a rug to their original color for a fee, usually charged hourly.

The way we calculate costs, the amount of cleaning ordered, and the number of add-ons bought by a homeowner both influences the cost of carpet cleaning in the house. Regardless of the actual bill amount, homeowners can still obtain a clear, easy-to-understand invoice that spells out precisely what they owe and what it includes.

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