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One of the common challenges consumers face is finding the right company, regardless of what service they are looking for. Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners deems excellent customer service and retention as the core of what we do. Although we offer a wide range of services to help beautify your home and/or business,  we take a very detailed approach in each of our methods to ensure the satisfaction of our ever growing clientele.  

Carpet Cleaning Using A Vacuum

Planning Ahead to the Best Carpet Cleaning Results

We are committed to inspecting the carpet prior to moving forward with any type of cleaning method. The first step is to do a thorough audit of the carpet ourselves or have our customers complete a short questionnaire, this serves as a vital part in our pre-inspection process.

​Once an appointment is scheduled that best suits your availability, we then carefully examine the space before proposing an action plan that will reap the most benefits.

Different Carpets, Different Methods

Do carpet cleaners vacuum first? Not all carpets are created equal. We execute various methods and techniques that utilize different tools (i.e. powerful vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, etc.) when cleaning your carpet. Though our approach may vary on a case by case basis, one thing is certain: the carpet is fully cleansed without compensating quality.

Read about the carpet cleaning cost guide to learn how to calculate the cost of getting your carpets or rugs cleaned by a professional.

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Office Cleaning

We offer professional carpet cleaning services to local businesses within the Amarillo area, ensuring excellent customer service and low monthly rates each time. Our methods can be employed during and after work hours, depending on your preference. The result? A clean work space and better working environment.

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Cleaning Out the Myths

Most people believe that professional carpet cleaning services can do more harm than good. This is false. Professional carpet cleaning not only helps prolong the quality of your carpet, but it contributes to a healthier environment, leaves no residue and completely removes dirt and bacteria. We understand you’re busy and don’t have the means to clean your carpet on your own. We’re here to help.

Check out the 10 benefits of professional carpet cleaning. After reading these we are confident that all of any preconceived notions you have about professional carpet cleaning will be busted. 

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