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As you are already aware, carpet contributes to the overall health and hygiene of your residential or commercial space. In fact, most of the dust particles that reside on the carpet stem directly from the air duct vents. As part of our 360 approach, our air duct cleaning services ensure the cleanliness (and happiness) of not only your carpet, but your home or office as well.

Amarillo Professional Air Duct Cleaner Removing An Air Duct Front Cover

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It? 

Although some may discredit the cleaning of the air duct vent, one clear fact remains. Wind picks up sand and dirt and can move them from one point to another, resulting in dust accumulation or even mold build up over time. If you want to ensure the best air quality for your home or office, we strongly recommend moving forward with this service.

Air duct cleaning is actually really great value considering the benefits and how much it costs. To learn more about the cost of Air Duct Cleaning check out our guide. 

Family and Pet Safety

In some cases, air vents are located in an area easily accessible to toddlers and pets. They may want to enter the air vent out of curiosity, eventually bringing out dust and germs along the way. As a result, the unclean air vent can compromise the health of household members,  contributing to the spreading of more bacteria and air pollutants. 

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What We Use 

It should be noted that the equipment used on carpets do not apply here. We have specialized equipment specifically targeted to clean air vents that will ensure the removal of any dirt or dust particles. 

Can I Get A Carpet/ Air Duct Combo?

We always give our customers the privilege to mix and match all the various services we offer. If you want more information on that, as well as any promotional deals, please call us or fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch

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