How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Have you ever received an advertisement, either by mail or the web that advertises air duct cleaning for a price that’s a little too good to be true? Most if not all homeowners in Amarillo have been there. So, you’re now probably wondering: “Is it even possible to have your air ducts professionally cleaned for $99?” Well, to be completely honest with you – no, it isn’t!

As far as we’re concerned, the only companies who could charge you $99 for an air duct cleaning service are the ones who don’t clean your air ducts at all! They just ‘pretend’ to do it. Sweep the most easily accessible areas, pack up their tools and bid you, and your $99 farewell!

Anyone who’s had to order a tradesperson such as a plumber or electrician knows that the service call fee alone costs up to $99! We advise you to not waste your time with such schemes. If you want something done right – it’s going to cost the right price!

Okay, with that out of the way, and the facts laid out bear for you to see… Allow us to answer the thought you’re no doubt having now.
“Well, how much 
does an air duct cleaning service cost in Amarillo then!”

We’re going to keep on the theme of complete honesty and tell you that, well, it depends.
There are a multitude of factors that can have an affect on how much it will cost you to clean your particular air ducts, such as:

Size of the house 

Clearly a larger house means more rooms, more space and more ducts! This of course means it will take longer to clean, meaning more man hours that you are billed with.

  1. Amount of vents and registers. This is also pretty self-evident. The more vents you have the more work is involved in cleaning them, thus higher cost.

2. General condition of your ductwork. The older the home, generally the worse shape your ducts will be in. Likewise the longer your ducts have gone uncleaned the longer it will take to clean them!

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3. Accessibility and status of your HVAC system. If you wish to have your air ducts cleaned the right way, it is essential that you also pay for the cleaning of the air handler unit components themselves. If your blower motor’s fan blades are covered in dirt and grime, this will of course take more time to properly clean. Furthermore, if you are unlucky enough to have your HVAC system be located in a hard to reach area, your air duct cleaning technician will have to spend considerable time not working and instead squeezing in and out of the spaces to be able to access the insides of your furnace. Again, this adds to the estimation cost. 

So, with all these factors that we have to take into consideration, we can determine that the average price of an air duct cleaning service is certainly not $99 in Amarillo or anywhere else in the U.S. for that matter! If done correctly, we estimate that such a job will cost a minimum of a couple hundred dollars. And, depending on how large the home or how difficult the configuration of ventilation components you have, could range anywhere from $500 to $1000.

Of course we understand that this seems like an exceptionally steep price for a job that most people do not even see the need of doing, but allow us to explain the health benefits of such a job. Imagine the detriment to your health or the health of your family from constantly breathing in dirt, grime, dust, lint and all other sorts of debris that collect in your ducts over the years.
Nobody should be subject to such things in the comfort of their own living space! And so we say that investing in cleaning your air ducts is more than just that. It is an investment in your health and quality of life. Would you spend money now to save money on health and medical costs for you and your family later? If you decide that this is a smart investment to make, how can you find a reputable source to ensure the job is done correctly?


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Consider the type of equipment and tools they use for the job. Would you prefer someone with a vacuum cleaner? Or someone with a professional HEPA-filtered system that not only cleans even the hardest to reach places in your ducts, but also does it safely without contaminating your air.

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How reputable are they? How many years of service do they have? Would you rather a start-up or someone with a proven track record and decades worth of experience? Do they follow and abide by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)? If they’re not even sure what NADCA standards are, we suggest immediately hanging up the phone! What are locals in the area saying about them? The more glowing reviews, the more its worth to give them a call.

If you see too many negative reviews don’t even waste your time.

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Well, since you already happen to find yourself on our website, why not consider taking a look at your locally-owned and operated Amarillo service provider specialists and checking to see what your neighbours think of us? We pride ourselves on making homes all over Amarillo as clean and health safe as we would our own homes, and we’re ready and willing to help you out as well.

All we ask is for the opportunity to earn your hard-earned business and we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results we provide. Nobody works harder and we are proud to say that there are absolutely no gimmicks here: just the same commitment to serving our neighbours the way we would our own families and friends.

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