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About Us

Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners specializes in the very best carpet cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial owners within the Amarillo area. We deliver a wide range of services that are both effective and efficient, through the investment of innovative techniques that distinguish us from the competition.

As one of Amarillo’s leading professional cleaning companies, our esteemed and ever-growing clientele is testament to our ongoing growth and superb customer service. Our constant drive to find new cleaning methods allows us to produce better results within all the various services we offer.

Not only do we pride ourselves in excellent results, but we invest our time in the entire process from start to fruition. We strongly adhere to the belief that every single project cannot be approached the same way, which is why our services can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each customer.

​We consider every detail about the carpet that the owner chooses to disclose with us and believe in offering our clients a quick and cost-effective solution.

Van Floor Carpet Cleaning Using A Vacuum

Amarillo 66 Carpet Cleaners

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